• C&U Vol. 92 / No. 1, Winter 2017

    Posted on March 30 2017

    Featured Content Preparing for The SAT: A Review By Jed I. Appelrouth and Karen M. Zabrucky Does Our Diversity Talk Match Our Walk? Aligning Institutional Goals and Practice By Catherine L. Horn and Patricia Marin

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  • C&U Vol. 91 / No. 4, Fall 2016 (.pdf)

    Posted on November 14 2016

    Preparing for College Success: Exploring the Impact of the High School Cambridge Acceleration Program on U.S. University Students By Stuart D. Shaw and Magda A. Werno   Community College for All: How Two-Year Crimi...

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  • C&U Vol. 91, No. 3 / Summer 2016 (.pdf)

    Posted on September 7 2016

    College Prep and Access from the Perspective of Diversity College Admission Professionals Kathryn A. Bethea   Meaning and Implications of Being Labelled a "Predominantly White Institution"  Brian Bourke   F...

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  • Recruiting Nonresident Students and the Privatization of Public Universities Michael S. Harris and Marybeth Smith Pursuing Prestige in Higher Education: Stratification, Status, and the Influence of College Rankings Justin C. Ortagus ...

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  • C&U Vol. 91, No. 1 / Winter 2016 (.pdf)

    Posted on April 12 2016

    International Freshman Performance: GPA, Retention, Graduation Terri Ward, Jonathan Jacobs, and Roger J. Thompson    Directed Self-Placement and Digital Literacy: Helping At-Risk Students Negotiate the Transition to Coll...

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  • C&U Vol. 90, No. 4 / Fall 2015 (.pdf)

    Posted on November 25 2015

    The Roles of Peer Tutoring in Colleges and Universities Mikyong M. Kim Paving the Road for Student Success: Building a Case for Integrated Strategic Planning from Pre-K to Post-Doc Jarrett Kealey, Renee Peterson, Angela Thompson, and...

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  • Higher Education Preparation and Decision Making Trends Among of International Students Krishna Bista and Amy Dagley   Comparison of Biology Student Performance in Quarter and Semester Systems Brian Gibbens, Mary A. Williams,&n...

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  • SEM: A Cultural Change Agent Bradley Barnes and Brian Bourke Tactics to Increase Course Evaluation Response Rates: A Comparison of Effectiveness Laura Jacek Admissions Decisions, the Law, and the Students with Disabilities Michael J...

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  • C&U Vol. 90, No. 1 / Fall 2014 (.pdf)

    Posted on January 14 2015

    Targeting Millennials: Social Media Strategies within Higher Education Whitney L. Sessa Aligning Competencies with Admissions Counselor Success: What Does it Take to Be an Effective Admissions Counselor?   Ann M. Gansemer-To...

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  • C&U Vol. 89, No. 4 / Summer 2014 (.pdf)

    Posted on October 16 2014

    Providing Affordable Access to Higher Education through Year-Round Operation: A Case Study in Public Higher Education John Buttermore, Elliott Baker, and David Culp   Transfer Credit Evaluations: How They are Produced, Why It Mat...

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