Who needs professional development?

We all know that training—be it courses, meetings, or workshops—has intrinsic costs, both in terms of an employee’s time and the organization’s monetary resources. However, there are both short- and long-term reasons and benefits to furthering your professional development.

Help! I’m New to the Field:  If you are just starting in the profession, a training program can provide you answers to the “what” and “how” questions that come up as you perform your tasks, and give you the skills needed to be successful.

Polish Your Existing Skills:  Professional development can keep your knowledge and skills current as technology and practices evolve. You’ll have to rely less on others to help you and become a more efficient and effective team player.

Job Satisfaction: Are you feeling underemployed or undervalued? An investment in training can bring forward new responsibilities in your job. By bringing updated skills and knowledge to the table, you can prove that you are prepared for new challenges and are ready for career growth.

Even Seasoned Professionals Need a Refresher: Do you aspire to a leadership position? Even if you have been working for a long time, you can still benefit from some training.  Learn from experts and practitioners who can guide you and provide insight into the next steps to reach your career goals.

If you see the value in training, AACRAO can help you take the next step “On the Road” to professional development. Come to the College of DuPage (Chicago area) this October 9-10 and receive hands-on training from experts in the following areas: admissions, enrollment management, registrar’s office, credential evaluation, and FERPA. Build your professional network and share ideas and innovative practices with peers from other institutions.  Affordable pricing and a convenient location are just two of the reasons to take advantage of this professional development opportunity! Learn more about AACRAO On the Road and register today.