Tracking transfer: New metrics for institutional partnerships

by Dena Lawrence, MyCreditsTransfer Statewide Project Coordinator, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

What a great transfer session to kick off my conference experience!

Doug Shapiro from the National Student Clearinghouse presented a clear and thought-provoking look at current trends in transfer and the incredible scale of student mobility.

Here are just a few facts that stand out for me as important signposts in tracking the recent paths of students who have completed bachelor degrees:

  • 65% have attended 2 or more higher education institutions
  • 55% have attended a community college
  • 25% have earned an AA or AS degree
  • 46% of those who earned an AA/AS degree attended more than one community college

The National Student Clearinghouse offers numerous resources to help institutions meet the challenges presented by our “new normal” in student mobility.