SEM starts with engagement: An inside look at one institution’s SEM success

Meetings, consultants, and publications are excellent sources of academic learning about SEM principles. But an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at how another institution operationalizes SEM is a rare opportunity for practical insight. And AACRAO has partnered with Arizona State University to make that possible.

ASU is offering a webinar and on-site visit (in conjunction with the 2017 SEM Conference in Phoenix) to present an inside look at how ASU developed a student-centric organizational structure and culture – growing enrollment across multiple campuses in the Phoenix metro area, across centers and locations throughout the state, and through ASU Online. With five campuses throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area, as well as other centers throughout the state of Arizona, ASU is America’s largest public university -- and one of its most comprehensive and diverse.

“The foundational elements of our success are collaboration and partnership,” said Kent Hopkins, Vice President Enrollment Services, ASU. “We’ve worked to get as many people around the table as possible to be enrollment solution agents. That’s really the key to our success: helping people feel that they’re part of achieving enrollment goals, rather than that there’s just a single unit or division responsible for that endeavor.”

Visit and webinar details

“We’re thrilled to partner with AACRAO at this conference, to get people out of their hotel and conference rooms and into a university environment,” said Hopkins. “We’ll talk about our organization and planning process, our day-to-day work, our goals and priorities, and what might apply in their own institution’s SEM work and planning.”

Breakout sessions include:

  • Data and Technology: How ASU uses data to inform decision-making and various technologies, including the Salesforce Enterprise Org, to drive enrollment.

  • Communications: How ASU embraced a “help vs. hype” philosophy when communicating to students and their families.

  • College Partnerships: How ASU maintains a centralized strategy with collaboration from colleges and schools.

  • Relationship Management: How ASU’s enrollment leaders work across the university to maximize enrollment success.

Register now for the site visit, Nov. 1 from 1:30-4p.m. at the ASU Tempe campus.

Also, join Hopkins for an introduction to the site visit during this Thursday’s live webinar, “Innovations in Strategic Enrollment Planning and Services at ASU.”

Gain insights into how ASU manages enrollment at a university that enrolls 25,000 new students – first-year, transfer, and graduate students – each fall. The presenters will discuss innovations that have contributed to enrollment success, such as self-reported applications, strategic partnerships in ed-tech, and a student-centric approach.

This webinar will provide an introduction to the ASU site visit that is scheduled on November 1st at the conclusion of the 27th Annual AACRAO Strategic Enrollment Management Conference in Phoenix, AZ. Register now.