Princeton University, Student and Microsoft File DACA Lawsuit

Princeton University and Microsoft have filed a joint federal lawsuit against President Trump's rescinding of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, reports Inside Higher Ed.  A DACA-protected student, Maria De La Cruz Perales Sanchez, is also a plaintiff.

President Trump announced plans to rescind the Obama-era program on September 5. However, the program will remain in effect until March, giving Congress time to come up with comprehensive legislation.

As reported in Inside Higher Ed, DACA allows temporary legal protection and work authorization, renewed every two years, for immigrants who were brought into the country illegally under the age of 16.

The lawsuit argues that cancellation of the program violated the Fifth Amendment's guarantee of equal protection, as well as the Administrative Procedure Act. It also asks the government not to use data provided by DACA recipients against them.

According to a Princeton press release, the complaint says that university "will suffer the loss of critical members of its community" if DACA's rescission is left to stand. Princeton's DACA students "are among the most accomplished and respected students studying at the University"—they "study in a diverse array of fields . . . serve as mentors and peer advisors, class representatives in student government, and as community organizers and campus leaders," and "have earned numerous academic honors, awards, and fellowships." The presence of Dreamers on campus "helps fulfill Princeton’s educational mission," in which "diversity and inclusion" play a central role.

According to a Princeton news release, at least 45 DACA recipients are currently employed at Microsoft and its subsidiary LinkedIn. Dreamers "serve in critical roles," including as software engineers, financial analysts, inventory control experts, and in core technical and operations positions and other specialized functions and internships. The company has made significant investments in "recruiting, retaining and developing" employees who are Dreamers, and it has "significant interests in retaining the Dreamers it employs, and in reaping the benefits of their talent over time. It has conducted its business operations on the understanding that these individuals would continue to be eligible to work at the company."


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