New Mexico Governor Vetoes All Higher Education Funding

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez has vetoed all higher education funding in protest of legislative tax increases and spending, reports The Washington Post and Inside Higher Ed.

Martinez (who vetoed all funding for the legislature beginning July 1) also complained in her veto that the state Senate had not scheduled a hearing for nominations that she had made to the Board of Regents, the Post reported. 

If the situation is not resolved soon, college students could face significant tuition increases at public universities and higher education institutions cannot prepare budgets for the upcoming school year, Inside Higher Ed reported.

Leaders at the state's seven public four-year universities wrote a letter to Martinez last week urging her to reinstate the funds, Inside Higher Ed reported. "The message the veto sent to our 133,505 registered students and their families, while unintended, leaves them confused and wondering whether they should enroll in a New Mexico college, whether they'll be able to finish their degree or whether they'll be able to graduate," they wrote. "While we are trying to calm their fears, there is concern that many of our state's brightest students will move to other states to pursue their higher education."


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