More Students File FAFSA

According to an analysis by The National College Access Network, the number of Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms completed overall as of June 30 was up 6 percent over last year, reports The New York Times.

The number of high school seniors who filled out the form increased by 9 percent. 

The most recent FAFSA cycle was the first time that filers were able to use income tax information from two years earlier. The change was intended to ease the process because families were able to use actual tax returns rather than estimating, the Times reported.

Carrie Warrick, the network's director for policy and advocacy, told the Times that allowing students to file the form earlier and use older tax information resulted in more students seeking federal financial aid. 

In total, 14 million FAFSAs were filed by the end of June, up from 13.2 million a year ago.


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