How Will the Feds Protect Student-Loan Borrowers in the Future? 2 Visions Are Aired

The Education Department announced in June that it would delay and renegotiate a pair of Obama-era regulations aimed at reining in abuses by colleges. And Monday marked the tipoff of that process.

Advocates for students and college groups came here, to the department’s headquarters, on Monday to voice their concerns or support for the decision. Some chided Betsy DeVos, the education secretary, for rolling back the gainful-employment and borrower defense-to-repayment rules; others praised the actions, arguing that renegotiation would help make the process fairer for institutions. And all of those who spoke shared their thoughts of what the consumer rules should be.

Through nearly seven hours of comments, the recommendations tended to fall into one of two categories: Carry out the rules as written, or renegotiate the rules to ensure "equity" across all sectors.

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