House, Senate Budget Resolution Proposals Differ on Ed Funding

Senate Republican leaders on Friday released a budget resolution leaving out reconciliation language from an earlier House budget blueprint that mandated billions in cuts for education programs, Inside Higher Ed reported. The absence of that language could be a positive sign for advocates of student aid as lawmakers move into conference discussions to reach agreement on final resolution language.

AACRAO joined a broad coalition of higher education groups this week expressing strong opposition to the proposed House budget resolution. The associations outlined numerous concerns, including reconciliation instructions that would require the Education and Workforce Committee to find $20 billion in savings from the programs under their jurisdiction.

"Savings of that magnitude cannot conceivably be achieved without significant cuts to programs that help low- and middle-income families afford higher education," the groups wrote in a letter to House leaders. "If enacted, this will have an immediate negative impact on the roughly 13 million students using federal financial aid and the approximately 40 million Americans who are currently borrowing or repaying student loans."

The associations urged House leaders to reject their proposed resolution, and instead work towards a budget plan that "responsibly balances important fiscal concerns with the funding necessary to grow our economy."


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