Unless otherwise noted in a specific report, the AACRAO member institution size, type and control categories are based on the following definitions and sources:  the enrollment value used to delineate the institution's size category is defined as full-time enrollment plus 1/3 of part-time enrollment and is based on the enrollment reported by the institution to the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).  Institution type and control values are also defined by and verified through NCES criteria.


Accreditation and Recognition of International Education - January 60-Second Survey

Registrar Career Profile report - March

Pre-college Programs report - March 60-Second Survey


Student Records Management Practice - January 60-Second Survey

A Look at Coaching and Mentoring - March 60-Second Survey

Transfer Credit Policy - May 60-Second Survey

Social Media Monitoring and the Admissions Process - July 60-Second Survey

The Use (or not) of Electronic Transcripts - September 60-Second Survey

2017 U.S. Chief Enrollment Management Officer Career Profile

The State of College Completion Initiatives at U.S. Community Colleges

Use of and Access to Data: Opinions on Institutional Data Practices - November 60-Second Survey


FERPA Training Pratices - January 60-Second Survey
Curriculum Management Practices - February 60-Second Survey

Class Start Times and Lengths - March 60-Second Survey

The Impact of Electronic Content Management (ECM) system Ownership on Student Records Management Practice - March

New Student Registration and Orientation - April 60-Second Survey

Competency Based Education - May 60-Second Survey

2017-2018 FAFSA - July 60-Second Survey

Class Scheduling (aka Timetabling) Practices and Technology - Sept 60-Second Survey

Dual Enrollment in the Context of Strategic Enrollment Management - November

Miscellany - November 60-Second Survey

2016 U.S. Chief Admissions Officer Career Profile Survey - December


International Student Recruitment Practices - January 60-Second Survey

Distance Education Practices - February 60-Second Survey

Tracking Student Identity Preferences - March 60-Second Survey

Registrar Office Staffing - April 60-Second Survey

Survey Participation, Frequency and Topic Preferences - May 60-Second Survey

Data Quality Practices - June 60-Second Survey
U.S. Higher Education Transcript Practices and Best Practice Opinions - June
Admission Practice Snapshot - July 60-Second Survey

U.S. Registrar Career Profile - August

AACRAO Members' Level of Interest in Online Professional Development Topics - August 60-Second Survey

Course Repeat Practices - September 60-Second Survey

GED High School Equivalency Credential Policy, Practice and Perception - October 60-Second Survey

Admissions Staffing and Responsibility - November 60-Second Survey


Chief Enrollment Management Officer Career Profile - May

Transcript Practice and Costs - June 60-Second Survey

Plus and Minus Grading Report - July 60-Second Survey

Strategic Enrollment Management Plan Use - August 60-Second Survey

Transfer Articulation Practices - October 60-Second Survey

State of CRM Use In Higher Education - October

Format of Key Admissions Communications - November 60-Second Survey

Credit for Prior Learning Practices - December 60-Second Survey


Best Practices and Trends in Academic Records and Transcripts - April

PDF Transcript Exchange Best Practices - Spring


Transcript Task Force Final Report - August


Undergraduate Admission Process for Applicants with Criminal Records - November

Members' Opinions about Transcript Practices, Student ID Numbers, and Name Changes - Winter

Registrars' Opinions about Transcript Practices, Student ID Numbers, and Name Changes - Winter


U.S. Visa Policy and SEVIS - May

How NCAA Institutions Conduct Student-athlete Eligibility Certification - July

Student Information Systems and Degree Audit - Summer

AACRAO Registrars Survey: Salaries, Office Location, One-Stop Shops, and Office Functions - September

AACRAO Registrars Survey: Office Size by Institutional Enrollment; Reporting Line of the Registrar - September


SEVIS Report - March

FERPA/Voter Registration - April

Grades and Grading Practices - October


Electronic Media Recruitment - May

Online Registration Services


Transfer and Articulation State Practices - May


Member Salary Survey - February


Online Registration Services - September

Dates Unknown

Admission and Verification of Undocumented Students in the U.S.

Academic Progression and Institutional Policies