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    SEMQ4:4 Using Emotional Intelligence to Drive Enrollment Performance: An Integrative Review of the Literature

    Posted on January 9 2017

    This article examines the relationship between emotional intelligence (EQ), leadership effectiveness and enrollment performance.  The author concludes with a review of emotional intelligence r...

    SEMQ4:4 Seamless Integration of Predictive Analytics and CRM within an Undergraduate Admissions Recruitment and Marketing Plan

    Posted on January 9 2017

    This article discusses the integration of predictive analytics and CRM within recruitment and marketing plans. It provides a step-by-step approach to seamless integration and key components related...

    SEMQ 4:4 Building Partnerships to Enhance Student Well-Being and Strategic Enrollment Management

    Posted on January 9 2017

    In this article, authors explore the connection between retention and health promotion research in building partnerships that enhance student well-being and improve student success. Alisa Stanton,...