Application Deadline: February 23, 2018


The AACRAO Board of Directors and AACRAO staff have identified core competencies in each of the professions served by AACRAO. These competencies outline knowledge and skills needed to be a successful admissions, registrar or enrollment management professional. Competencies are segmented into entry, intermediate and expert levels.  To fully implement these core competencies, learning activities must be identified and delivered.  Traditionally, AACRAO has provided professional training through Admissions 101 and 201, in addition to conference presentations, webinars, and publications. 


Conduct a review of Admissions training and professional development offered by AACRAO and suggest content to train admissions professionals at entry, intermediate and expert levels. Examine best delivery methods for content (publications, in-person training, web short courses and possible certificate programs).



Board Liaison:
Tammy Aagard, Vice President, Admissions and Enrollment Management

Staff Liaison:
Janie Barnett, Associate Executive Director, AACRAO

Timeline & Commitment

Start date: February 2018
End date: March 30, 2019 (estimated)
Provide a draft report for the March 2019 Board Meeting

Indicators of Success & Outcomes

  1. Review existing suite of training in Admissions 101 and 201, as well as AACRAO Enrollment Management training.
  2. Review and catalog admissions training offered by other organizations (e.g. NACAC).
  3. Identify gaps is offerings or where training needs updated.
  4. Survey member institutions regarding training needs for admissions professionals at the entry, intermediate, and expert levels.
  5. Produce a set a recommendations to be reviewed by the AACRAO Board of Directors and Executive staff.


Application Deadline: February 23, 2018 
I have reviewed the Board Charge and am ready to apply.