Lumina Foundation has awarded a $1.2 million grant to the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) and NASPA: Association of Student Affairs Professionals, to continue their work on the development and adoption of comprehensive student records (CSRs) in American higher education. 

The grant will focus on the development and implementation of a single learner record across a broad number of American colleges and universities. The CSRs seek to capture, record, and communicate learning when and where it happens in a student’s higher education experience. This includes learning outcomes from courses, program and degrees, as well as experience they have outside the classroom that help develop their career ready skills and abilities. 

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Lumina Foundation awards $1.2M to further Comprehensive Student Record model


2016 CSR Report

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2016 Lumina Fund Participants & Models

Comprehensive Student Record Fact Sheet