The field visit serves two objectives. The first is an in-service laboratory for on-site experience. The second is a peer review exercise for the host institution to benefit from an outside visit to provide colleague feedback regarding observations, strengths, weaknesses, system performance and recommendations to improve or commend operations.

In an attempt to ensure a quality field visit experience while managing costs and logistics the following model is designed to accomplish the SEM-EP field visit component. A total of three field visits must be completed to satisfy the requirement as specified below.

    • Three field visits must be conducted in all; two must be physically conducted on actual college campuses to personally examine facilities, undergo appointed interviews, review resources, and network. These two visits can be convenient to the participant’s geography and timetable.
    • One of the three visits may be made to an out of state institution, preferably in person. Due to possible time and budget constraints, however,  a “virtual alternative” may be employed, pending approval from the SEM-EP Advisor, using a combination of electronic tools including:  website research, Skype, group conference calls, individual calls,  email, or related mediums which can accomplish the objectives to evaluate the same questions as an in-person visit.
    • One of the three visits may be satisfied by attending the AACRAO or SEM Conferences (including the SEM Institute), regional conferences, or state ACRAO annual meetings. If you elect to attend an AACRAO or state and regional ACRAO conference as an alternative to the out-of-state visit, the following three requirements must be satisfied:
      • Conference Registration must be verified by AACRAO;
      • Conference visit reports should contain a brief  institutional profile of you campus along with your name including title and institution with a brief one or two sentences about your campus. (Public, private, enrollment size, (2/4 year, undergraduate, graduate, affiliation, location, etc) and perhaps any special service feature you may which to mention such as target population, academic speciality, tradition, unique mission, etc. This information helps the reader(s) to understand how you may be viewing observations in relation to your circumstances;
      • Finally, this report should accompany the other finished field visit forms and be submitted as a package to the SEM-EP portal.
    • A Field Visit Peer Review form must be completed for each visit. This does not apply to the conference attendance. 
    • It is the candidate's responsibility to choose relevant institutions. Once selections have been made, determine a point of contact and forward their phone-number, email, name, title, and institutional information to a SEM-EP Advisor. This Advisor will introduce you and the program and then determine the institution's willingness to host.  
      • If the chosen institutions are willing to host the candidate, it is the candidate's responsibility to establish mutually acceptable dates and times for the visit
    • For more information regarding Host Institution Responsibility and Candidate Visitor's Responsibility, visit SEM-EP Forms.

     Relevant Field Visit Report Forms can be found at the SEM-EP Forms site.

    Note: The participant is encouraged to complete all three visits in person if possible, but in order to manage time, costs and logistics the virtual visit option is offered to ensure that a diverse exposure can be accomplished to include an out-of-state institution.

    If the participant chooses the virtual visit as the third option, then appropriate documentation regarding what mediums were used to visit the campus (i.e. conference call attendees, Skype attendees or individual calls) must be included in the final field visit report.

    Each visit will be guided by a prescribed set of questions to permit the participant a template of items to research. At the conclusion of the visits and following approval from the SEM-EP faculty, a courtesy copy of the peer review should be mailed to the host institution.