The program is designed to impart a number of entry, intermediate, and some expert level proficiencies in the enrollment management profession. Please see the learning outcomes for more information.

Download the Concise Curriculum Overview

AACRAO will provide you with official documentation to verify your successful completion of professional development curriculum. Graduates will be listed on the AACRAO SEM-EP national web registry. It is recommended that candidates begin with the 3 recorded webinars followed by the Essentials of SEM 101 online course. Candidates may begin with either the webinars or the SEM Essentials course depending on the timing of their program entry and the candidate's personal schedule. Faculty also advises faculty to begin contemplating their Capstone Project early on in the program to ensure timely completion.

Prospective participants should be aware that this program is designed to be flexible in order to accommodate in-service professionals. However, students that exceed 24 months from the date of acceptance are subject to a renewal fee of $500.00 on the 25th month to continue the program. Extensions are valid in 6 month intervals to keep the enrollment active. Inactivity of 6 months or more without prior notice to faculty will result in inactive status and the inability to continue. 

The following courses and activities must be completed to receive your professional certification:

Essentials of SEM Online Course

  • A four-week course to develop a baseline understanding of SEM. (Offered biannually in February and in September). 
  • Once accepted into the program, candidates will be automatically enrolled in the next available course. If an application decision is pending and an offering is upcoming, a spot will be reserved as well.
  • Individuals who can demonstrate successful completion of the Essentials of SEM Course within the past 3 years of application may petition to exempt this segment of the SEM-EP curriculum. The program fee will be adjusted accordingly.


  • Review three (3) on-demand webinars on key components of Strategic Enrollment Management. Each webinar is 45-60 minutes.
  • TWO (2) REQUIRED WEBINARS - Learners select 2 of 3 required webinars among the following options:
    • Creating an Inclusive and Collaborative Strategic Enrollment Management Structure and Plan
    • How to Write a SEM Plan: Something for Everyone
    • Enrollment Management Marketing in the Era of Big Data
    • Learners may choose one (1) additional webinar among AACRAO's Upcoming OR On-Demand Webinars within the last 3 years. A list is available online here:
  • You will be required to document your observations in a follow-up assessment. A brief 3 to 4 page report is expected on the combined webinars illustrating elements that apply to your campus and how your operation could benefit from the webinar content. You should format the report according to the webinar topics followed by your "take away" assessments from each title.

Field Visits

NOTE: Either the SEM Essentials online course or the pre-recorded webinars must be completed in advance of the field visits.

  • Field visits are the hallmark component to the SEM EP program. Candidates must schedule and conduct visits to three approved institutions/venues of distinct types followed by a written report guided by prescribed questions.  Two visits must be conducted as an on-site campus visit. The third visit may be satisfied by attending the annual AACRAO or SEM conferences (including the SEM Institute), regional conferences such as SACRAO or PACRAO or a state ACRAO annual meeting. Additionally, a Virtual Field Visit may be used to satisfy one of the field visits to assist if logistical difficulties are an issue. 
  • Participants are welcome to contact a SEM-EP Advisor prior to scheduling field visits to best select sites, understand the visit objectives and discuss venue combinations if needed.
  • Participants should contact the SEM-EP Advisor prior to scheduling field visits to best select sites and understand the visit objectives.
  • Conference Attendance (Field Visit Alternative) - attending a national, regional or state "ACRAO" conference is an optional component of the  program. Doing so will satisfy the out of state field visit requirement, providing you write a brief 2-3 page report on a session that you found particularly useful to your campus and/or your career. The report should illustrate how the topic content applies and benefits your enrollment operation. (Please note that the price of attending  the conference is not included in the program fee and you must still conduct the two other instate field visits.)

Capstone Experience

You may choose to engage in either a small research project, a literature review paper, or an independent enrollment project to complete the Capstone Project. while the three options do differ, final submissions should always be reviewed by a peer, and those comments should accompany the final project.

1. Capstone Research Project -- 
A brief research project demonstrating comprehension of SEM concepts and how they relate to your local student populations. Candidates pursuing this option should begin researching their topic early in the program to ensure timely completion. Complete details available here.

2Literature Review Paper -- A brief paper demonstrating an awareness of the current trends in enrollment management and how they relate to current situations on your campus. Complete details available here

3Enrollment Planning Models or Plans -- This is intended to be more of a flexible option for your project that could incorporate an aspect of strategic enrollment management of a specific nature, such as forecasting, budgeting, marketing or strategic projects that might guide operations. Should you pursue this more flexible option, you should contact the SEM-EP faculty with an abstract and outline of your project before progressing on it. 

Each capstone project is required to have a peer review by a SEM-EP peer prior to submission. The peer’s name and e-mail should be included on the cover page of the submission. There is no requirement that their comments be provided to the SEM-EP faculty. You can access the class roster via the SEM-EP portal in Moodle. You may also e-mail to request assistance with locating a peer reviewer.

  • These AACRAO publications may be referenced in the components of SEM-EP and are great resources for any enrollment management professional.  AACRAO recommends these books.

    Order AACRAO publications here.