Capstone Project

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Research Component Overview

All SEM-EP candidates are expected to conduct a brief research capstone project during the course of the curriculum. The assignment focuses on tracking and analyzing a local population of students from the candidate's institution and concludes by reporting conversion outcomes. The population of students is to be divided into two equal groups and identified as the control group vs the experimental group.

Candidates should review this component and begin research as soon as possible in order to coincide with completing all modules (webinars, field visits, SEM Essentials 101) in a timely fashion. Click here for complete details. 

As with all of the other Capstone options, you must find a peer student in the SEM-EP program to review your project before submitting it for faculty review. You should include the name and email of this student so the faculty can verify the project was peer-reviewed, and you should share their comments separately from your final submission.

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