TESTIMONIALS Fall 05 (Oct. 17—NOV. 13)

  • “I was very pleased that I was able to ask questions and receive answers from others who had dealt with similar situations. It helps to learn from the experience of others rather than just out of a book!”
  • “I found it very helpful to get everyone’s ENTIRE thoughts – no interruptions, no folks talking over one another, which can often happen in a group setting especially with a lot of strong personalities. I also liked the variety of topics covered; didn’t have to pick and choose which to join (as often happens at a live conference).”
  • * “Most useful was the way the course was delivered in segments that provided several days of discussion and reflection on each topic.”
  • * “The faculty were all excellent – informed, upbeat, informative, and natural teachers.”
  • “All of the content was very useful and I will refer to it many times in the coming months. The entire class was very beneficial and I am so very pleased I signed up and was able to participate!”
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