2015 AACRAO Strategic Enrollment Management Conference

"Solutions for Today's Higher Education Challenges"

AACRAO established the term Strategic Enrollment Management with the first SEM Conference in 1990. Now, 25 years later, the conference continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of SEM practitioners, as well as the students and institutions they serve. The AACRAO SEM Conference builds the foundation for a comprehensive enrollment management plan, showcases tools and resources to boost enrollment outcomes, and focuses on student success through creative recruitment and retention strategies.

New Team Programming
With the growing presence of institutional teams at the SEM Conference, this year we are implementing new programming to help SEM teams facilitate and implement SEM planning on their campuses. Bring your colleagues and get a unique SEM Conference experience. The following are included within the team structure:

  • SEM Core Concepts and SEM Planning for Institutional Teams Workshop 
  • Faculty Mentor
  • SEM Team Receptions sponsored by College Scheduler, LLC
  • "Taking SEM Home" Wrap-Up Session 
We invite teams to take advantage of this special programming. Learn more

Come to Hollywood and continue the conversation about SEM's role on your campus.

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Advancing the SEM Agenda at the Community/Technical College - Leadership and Change Management Lessons from the Front Lines

Posted on October 20 2015

The landscape of enrollment at today's 2-year instiution is a roller-coaster. With declines in state-funding and increased demands of accountability and value community/technical colleges somet...

Recruiting and Providing Student Services for Online Programs at a Traditional, Public University

Posted on October 20 2015

“Traditional recruitment has to change to suit the online market,” said Rebel Smith, Director of Recruitment and Enrollment Management for Online and Distance Education Programs at the ...

The Right Message at the Right Time

Posted on October 20 2015

In order to apply, enroll and complete college, students need the right message at the right time. Colleges must communicate with students in a timely and useful way. In the Age of Information, how...