Strategic Enrollment Management Conference

AACRAO’s 23rd Annual

Strategic Enrollment Management Conference

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Are you feeling pressured to find more students with fewer resources? Do you wonder how enrollment professionals can contribute to the “completion agenda”? What are the emerging best practices in student recruitment, admissions and financial aid?

Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) has become integral to enhancing student success at institutions of higher learning.  By promoting clarity of institutional mission from the perspective of student access and success, SEM provides a paradigm for cutting through the clutter of competing priorities to focus on what will best serve student needs and support their educational attainment. The resulting alignment of institutional mission, enrollment goals, targeted investments, and budget outcomes enables planning that is more strategic, in turn leading to improved outcomes for the institution as a whole, as well as individual departments.

For more than 20 years, AACRAO's SEM Conference has been the leading venue for investigating the most pressing SEM issues affecting higher education. The sessions and the workshops at the meeting will help you anticipate challenges and implement forward-looking solutions on a wide range of issues such as:

  • Holistic admissions
  • Use of technology as an integral part of enrollment strategy
  • Focus on international student recruitment and other new markets
  • Attention towards life-long learning
  • Competency-based assessment
  • Enhancing diversity
  • Hybrid learning and MOOCs 

We invite you to join us in November to continue the conversation about SEM's role on your campus.