Registrars and Compliance Officers

Easy to Train and Easy to Track

This training course was developed to provide a solid base for FERPA compliance without overloading employees that do not need extensive training. It provides powerful tracking tools that are available within your Learning Management System (LMS), allowing you to check completion rates, pass rates, and particular areas of concern quickly and easily. 

Users who undergo this training course are required to manually click through topic pages, each replete with written information and verbal narration. Users must wait for narration to conclude before moving on to the next topic. They are periodically required to answer questions before the final assessment, but these questions do not affect their ability to pass the course. Rather, these questions are designed to reinforce covered material, to think critically about how FERPA would apply in a given scenario, or to introduce an upcoming topic in a more interesting way. 

The entire training takes the majority of users about 40 minutes to complete, or less. 

Course Overview

The training focuses broadly on defining key terms from within the regulations and outlining what actions are required or permitted under FERPA. 

Learning Objectives

  • Who is and is not a school official
  • What constitutes an education record
  • What rights FERPA provides
  • What is required for compliance
  • When disclosures can be made (both with and without prior or signed consent)
  • Interaction of FERPA and other federal laws and state laws

For the full training course outline, see the technical documentation


Once the training material has been covered, students are required to take a 10-question quiz. This quiz requires at least 7/10 answers to be answered correctly in order to complete the course. 

The training program will inform the user if they are correct or not after they submit their answer in each case, but also goes on to explain why the answer is or isn't correct, further solidifying the user's knowledge on FERPA. 

Tracking and Reporting

The training course provides course administrators with the ability to track individual progress - no additional configuration necessary and information is available in a clear and easily digestible format. Reports are also available for download (Excel CSV or ODS formats), assuming your LMS supports report generation.