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Maryland Bans the Box

Posted on January 17 2018by Michelle Mott

Maryland will be the second state, joining Louisiana, to "ban the box," reported The Baltimore Sun. Last week, the Maryland House of Delegates and Senate voted to override Governor L...

4 "soft" New Year’s resolutions for higher education professionals

Posted on January 16 2018

What do you want to achieve professionally? Harness the initiatory energy that comes naturally with the start of the new year to adopt better work habits and articulate your career aspirations...

Justice Dept. Launches Probe Into Admissions Ethics Code

Posted on January 11 2018by Michelle Mott

The U.S. Department of Justice this week launched an investigations into whether the ethics code of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) violates federal antitrust law,...


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GDPR: Step-by-Step Preparation

Posted on December 21 2017

FREE (live) webinar: Wednesday, January 24, 2 p.m. ET GDPR: Step-by-Step Preparation This webinar will explore how one campus is preparing for the European regulation. You will see who on campus ...


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Registrar 101 | September 22 - October 18

Posted on September 22 2014

Registrar 101 is an interactive, online course for members of the profession who have been in registrar or registrar-related positions for less than two years.  The course deals with such...

Essentials of Strategic Enrollment Management | September 8 - October 4

Posted on September 8 2014

​ Strategic enrollment management (SEM) is a key concept in the administration of higher education institutions today. SEM provides a unique framework for improving student and institutional ...