China 2016: An Overview of the Changes to the Degree Regulation and Degree Certificates

China 2016: An Overview of the Changes to the Degree Regulation and Degree Certificates

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According to the Institute of International Education’s most recent Open Doors report, China remains the top sending country with over 300,000 students to the US in the 2014/2015 academic year. The January 2016 changes to the Degree Regulations of the PRC has given Chinese institutions the autonomy to issue their own degrees. This webinar will familiarize US institutions with changes to degree regulations, current documentation trends, and an update on the network of Chinese universities and colleges. Samples of new degree certificates from several institutions will be included.


Presenter: Annetta Stroud 

Senior Evaluator with AACRAO International Services



Annetta Stroud is a Senior Evaluator with AACRAO International Education Services and has been working in the field of international education for over 15 years. She has worked in both public and private institutions in various positions in international admissions, student services and academic management. Her current role with AACRAO IES allows her to engage in     the research of international comparative education and support the training of professionals in the field through AACRAO IES initiatives. Annetta holds a B.A. in Music from the University of New Mexico, M.A. in Adult Education from San Francisco State University, and an Ed.M. in Human Resource Development from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne.


Presenter: Julia Funaki

Associate Director of International Education Services at AACRAO 



Julia Funaki is the Associate Director of International Education Services at AACRAO.  Julia received her Bachelor of Science from The Ohio State University and worked for the Columbus Council on World Affairs. She attended a graduate program at American University and worked in domestic and international admissions for the University. Upon completion of her Master’s in International Communication she took a job in the foreign student services office at Ohio Wesleyan University. After returning to Washington and completing a Master’s in International Education with an emphasis in Higher Ed Administration, Julia worked for the University of Maryland College Park in the office of International Education Services. In 1996, Julia joined the staff at AACRAO. She has been involved with NAFSA and AACRAO as an author, presenter, and committee member and chair and serves on the faculty for the AACRAO Summer and Winter Institute.



Moderator: Melanie Gottlieb

Deputy Director, AACRAO



Melanie Gottlieb joined the staff as Deputy Director of AACRAO in 2015. She came to the national office with 18 years as an AACRAO member, with experience in Records & Registration, Enrollment Managment and International Recruitment and Credential Evaluation.  She has served the association in a variety of leadership roles throughout her career, most recently as Vice President for International Education on the AACRAO Board of Directors.  Melanie earned an MA in Information Science from the University of Missouri - Columbia and a BA in History /American Studies from Marlboro College in Vermont. 



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Each EDGE educational system profile includes:​

  • An overview describing the educational history of the country.
  • An educational ladder or ladders to reflect changes in the educational structure
  • Grading system(s)
  • Sample credentials
  • Placement recommendations
  • List of postsecondary institutions
  • Resources used to develop the profile
  • Author biography and notes
  • Glossary — when applicable

The AACRAO EDGE is a dynamic resource for evaluating foreign credentials. The web format enables updating and revision as needed. More information about AACRAO EDGE, including available countries, sample profiles, and more can be found on the AACRAO EDGE information page.

AACRAO offers a valuable library of resources on higher education issues related to this webinar. For a listing of our recent publications, please visit: AACRAO Publications website


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