Application Deadline: February 23, 2018


State and Regional Organizations, while not officially a subsidiary of AACRAO, are loosely affiliated with AACRAO and experience significant membership overlap. Although modeled after AACRAO, which is supported by paid staff, they are entirely volunteer run. Holding annual meetings and providing professional development support to their members, some organizations are much stronger than others. These organizations are willing to share their skillset with those who have less experience running a non-profit, volunteer organization.  The “How to” Guide has been conceived as an active step that the AACRAO Board of Directors can take by engaging its experienced membership to reach out to these affiliates as part of the Board’s larger strategic initiative to lend increased support to our State and Regional Organizations.


The primary purpose of the “How to Run a State and Regional Organization Guide” workgroup is to develop a publication that will be made available to AACRAO State and Regional Organizations that contains best practices, examples, and suggestions that affiliated State and Regional Organizations of all sizes may reference as they develop and/or improve their organization.


Steve Smith, Adelphi University
Patricia Mathay, University of Pittsburgh 

Vice President (term ending March 2018): 
Meredith Braz, Vice President for Leadership and Management Development

Timeline & Commitment

Start date: December 2017
End date: June 2018 (estimated)
Throughout this period the workgroup can expect to meet regularly by email, telephone and for at least one in-person meeting at the 104th AACRAO Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, March 25-28, 2018.

Indicators of Success & Outcomes

The workgroup will produce a draft publication to present to the AACRAO Board of Directors in time for review in June 2018 at the Board’s annual strategic planning meeting. They will also present a plan for periodic review and updates to the Guide.

Work Group Members’ Duties & Responsibilities

  • Participate in e-mail exchanges, attend all work group conference calls/meetings and participate in the deliberations. Notify the committee Chairs and the staff liaison if circumstances prevent attendance on a particular call or at a particular meeting;

  • Adhere to deadlines for submission of work group assignments;

  • Review all agenda items and background documents prior to each call/meeting and come prepared for the discussions.


Application Deadline: February 23, 2018
I have reviewed the Board Charge and am ready to apply.