The following is information on the content of some useful listservs and how to subscribe to them. Do not worry about whether or not you have capitalized the letters in the listserv address or the message.

Opinions and/or ideas expressed on the following listservs only reflect that of the respective listserv and do not reflect official AACRAO opinion and/or policy.

Caucus Listserves

The caucuses meet once a year for lunch during the annual AACRAO conference, but stay in touch via a list serve. New subscribers can sign up as follows: 

Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus (Chair, Hue Haslim):

Black Caucus (Chair, Kristy Goodwin): 

Native American Caucus (Chair, Mechelle Aitson-Roessler):

Latino/Latina Caucus (Chair, Cindy Lambert):

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Ally Caucus (Chair, Joseph Salamone):
Visit     LGBTQA 

Community College List Serve

New subscribers can sign up at the following URL.  The list serve will focus on all community college issues such as open and rolling admission, articulation, collaborations, transferability, prior learning assessment, placement issues, military credit, student services for non-traditional students of all kinds and any other relevant issues.

Transfer Listserv

New subscribers can sign up at the following URL. This list serve will focus on issues such as articulation, transfer credits, military credit, evaluating international credits, issues of accreditation, student services for transfer students and any other relevant issues:

Admissions Listserv:

Advocacy Listserv:

Available to AACRAO voting members who would like to receive more detailed information and news about policy and political developments affecting higher education. Join AACRAO's advocacy listserv at:


Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada/Association des Registraires des Universités et Collèges du Canada


New subscribers can sign up at the following URL.  This list is a discussion of enrollment management issues. To subscribe, visit:

Identity Management Listserv

In an effort to provide the latest information on identity management strategies, the association created an Identity Management list serve. The list serve will focus on issues such as internal and external drivers for identity management, examples of successful campus infrastructures, federal and higher education standards, policy development and governance, and other relevant issues.

International Activities Listserv

This list is a discussion of international activities.


This list is for members involved in records and registration. To subscribe visit

Small-college Registrars

This list is for members who are registrars at small colleges. To subscribe:


This list is for people interested in the electronic exchange of transcripts using the SPEEDE/Ex- PRESS standards. To subscribe:

State and Regional Listserv

This listserv is an electronic forum for sharing information about questions and issues of interest to those in positions of leadership in the state and regional associations. It is open to any officers of state and regional associations, the AACRAO Board of Directors, AACRAO National Office staff, and AACRAO committees whose activities relate to those of the state and regional associations.


This list is for people interested in NCAA policies and graduation rates. To subscribe: