Many states and Canadian provinces are actively engaged in electronic data exchange (EDX) of educational records and information. With institutions past the necessity to address Y2K, many of which chose to implement enterprise student systems, schools have turned to EDX developments. This is evidenced by an increasing number of schools that are registering with, and using, the University of Texas at Austin's SPEEDE Server. In 1995, UT-Austin initiated an Internet-based EDI delivery service, free to educational institutions. Plans include continued EDI delivery as well as support of developing technologies, such as XML standards. In January 2006, the Texas SPEEDE Server delivered more than 81,000 electronic transcripts and almost 290,000 total transactions that include applications for admission, tests scores and acknowledgments. As of the end of September 2006, the Server had processed over 641,000 electronic transcripts during the preceding twelve months, which represents a 7% increase from the previous twelve months. During this same 12 month period, the Texas SPEEDE Server processed almost 2,100,000 total transactions for an increase of 10% over the same period the year before.

The Server registrant list is available at the Texas SPEEDE Server site HERE.
 You may also look at more detailed monthly usage reports of the Server at the web site HERE.

The entire educational community is appreciative of this generous and vital service provided to our students at no cost to the users of this service.

Significant non-server activity is also taking place. Considerable intrastate trading and some production exchanges by small clusters of schools take place outside the UT Austin Server, including institutions in Ontario, Maryland, Florida, and California. Monitoring this activity and volume is difficult. It is important to understand, however, just as with users of the server, these schools are using national standards developed by the SPEEDE Committee to exchange data.

Two reports are available that provide users with important information regarding the progress states and provinces are making to implement EDI. The State SPEEDE Status Report combines server volume with benchmark numbers and reports of activity and status by states and provinces. In most states and provinces, we have identified individuals who can serve as contacts for their states and as conduits for information. The SPEEDE State Contacts Report provides the names and contact information for these individuals.

Each of these activity links includes a process for submitting/updating new information. We encourage you to review both lists to see what is happening in your state, province or region. The AACRAO SPEEDE Committee stands ready to help if you need additional information about how to implement EDI. You can contact the committee through the SPEEDE Listserv. The listserv address is SPEEDE-L@LISTSERV.VT.EDU. If you want to subscribe to the listserv, please see the "Guide to Useful Listservs" on the AACRAO Web page for directions.