Committee Title:


Facilitate the creation, maintenance, understanding, and adoption of electronic education records exchange standards in the secondary and postsecondary education community through:

  • promoting adoption and implementation of standards;
  • providing advisement, training, resources and implementation support; and
  • participating in standards development and maintenance.

Expand electronic education records exchange in the secondary and postsecondary education community by increasing visibility to standards, resources and best practices, and by reducing implementation and interoperability barriers.


  • Advance understanding and adoption of electronic exchange of education records through networking, webinars, sessions and workshops. Examples include:
    • AACRAO Annual Meeting
    • AACRAO Transfer/Tech Conference 
    • Regional AACRAO Meetings
    • PESC Summits

  • Develop and maintain standards for the electronic exchange of education records in conjunction with the appropriate national and international standards-setting bodies such as:
    • P20W Education Standards Council (PESC) boards and workgroups
    • Vendor advisory boards, panels and opportunities as approved by AACRAO
    • Relevant industry initiatives as identified and approved by AACRAO

  • Provide the following tools and support for institutions:
    • EDI to XML / XML to EDI crosswalks
    • Open source projects
    • AACRAO website resources
    • Standards Implementation Guides (IG)
    • SPEEDE-L list serve support
    • SPEEDE@AACRAO.ORG email assistance

Strategic Goals:
  • Develop relevant and clear educational materials and presentations
  • Promote awareness of current EDX solutions, best practices, and resources
  • Use communication channels such as SPEEDE-L listserv to engage in discussions related to the electronic exchange of education records, answer questions, and identify facilitators and presenters
  • Participate in the development and implementation of relevant EDX standards and best practices
  • Develop and maintain the EDI to XML / XML to EDI crosswalks rules for approved EDX standards
  • Review the committee’s mission, vision, objectives, and strategic goals annually
  • Recruit diverse and talented AACRAO institution members to serve on the committee