Initial Report Release:
The US Perspective on the Bologna-compliant Three Year Degree

On September 18, 2017, AACRAO hosted the 2nd symposium focused on the U.S. perspective on the three-year Bologna-compliant bachelor’s degree. This gathering brought together more than 30 leaders from across U.S. higher education, including representatives from institutions, professional credential evaluators, and other key stakeholders to explore the current perspectives of U.S. Higher education on this as of yet unresolved issue. 

Symposium participants will continue to be engaged with a number of identified next steps, including but not limited to continued discussion of standards, education of end users, clarification of the function of an evaluation as an advisory opinion, and collaborations with the regulated professions.  AACRAO seeks to chart a path forward to communicate the complexity of the issues to U.S. institutions and their distributed graduate departments, our credential evaluation colleagues overseas, and, most importantly, to European students who would like to pursue graduate education in the U.S. In this world of increasing mobility, these conversations will become more and more important. 



BW Seminar 2017- ​ACCROAons Are Headed to Germany This Month! 

This year seven AACRAO members are Germany-bound. They are members of an elite group of fifteen colleagues chosen to participate in the 2017 Baden-Württemberg Seminar (BW Seminar). A 2016 participant had this to say about the program: “The highlight for me was getting to spend a week with a diverse group of colleagues from around the country and around the world. It was by far one of the best professional development opportunities I have ever experienced, which owes much of its impact to the great group of people who participated.”

AACRAO Members Chosen this Year: 
Rosie Edmond: Director of International Admissions, Ohio Northern University
Jonathan Jump: Associate Dean of the College and Registrar, Wabash College
Anne Lanzit: Program Manager, Graduate Admissions, University of Connecticut
Nora McLaughlin: Registrar, Reed College
Brenda Schumann: Associate Registrar, University of Texas at Austin
Jandi Sorbo: Program Assistant for Study Abroad and Exchange Programs, Oregon State University
Cynthia Well:  Assistant Director of International Education Programs, University of California, Riverside

Look for the 2018 Application to open in early 2018. 


Gloria R. Nathanson Fund for Research in International Education 

AACRAO is excited to announce the Gloria R. Nathanson Fund for Research in International Education, a fund dedicated to supporting country or education system research conducted by AACRAO members in order to further the body of knowledge in the field of comparative international education and credential evaluation. 

Learn more about the types of projects eligible for funding and other criteria here.

​Groningen Declaration Network Symposium
AACRAO International recently participated in the Groningen Declaration Network Symposium on Credential Evaluation Professional Issues hosted at the University of Melbourne, Australia. The Symposium brought together experts from ten countries in the field of both foreign credential evaluation and digital student data portability to put forth recommendations to the Groningen Declaration Network. As part of the Symposium, AACRAO International contributed two white papers outlining the need for the development of standards, best practices and common language surrounding digital student data portability and the evaluation of digital data. 

Read them here: 

Identifying the Challenges of Differences in Models of Online Databases

A Conversation on the Expansion of the Article 26 Backpack - A26BP Evaluation Committee: Background, Functions, and Conclusion


Secondary School Credentials Workshop 

AACRAO International hosted a Secondary School Credentials Workshop on May 8 & 9, 2017 in Washington DC.  The two-day training explored best practices to the approach of evaluating credentials from countries with less than 12,12,13, and 14 year secondary education systems. Interested in hosting a training like this on your campus? Click here to learn more. 

International Education Standards Council (IESC) Fellowship

We’re looking for talented professionals who want to contribute to the field of international credential evaluation by working with the IESC to research and develop placement recommendations. This one year appointment will give particpants valuable insight and learn best practices from professionals with decades of experience. The knowledge gained with this Fellowship will be instantly applicable when setting and implementing standards within your office and will empower you to confidently establish procedures for you and your colleagues.

This is an opportunity to grow your professional network, engage in deep discussions about credential evaluation, increase your knowledge and skill sets, while gaining an opportunity for publication in a global database and other widely distributed works.  Learn more and apply today.

Webinar: International Recruitment and Marketing: Managing the Message in Challenging Times

Listen here for AACRAO's webinar on International Recruitment and Marketing: Managing the Message in Challenging Times. In order to address growing concerns due to recent political changes, AACRAO partnered with several higher education associations to conduct a survey on Institutional & Applicant Perceptions. The webinar shares data on regional patterns and areas of concern, as well as leading practices for international education professionals to address concerns and maximize yield.